Invitation for public comment on Residential Subdivision 803-853 Taylors Road, Caroline Springs, Victoria

The proposed action is identified as a residential development at 803-853 Taylors Rd, Caroline Springs, Victoria (EPBC 2020/8640). The proposed action is to be undertaken by Jen & Jacq Developments Pty Ltd. The proposed action is a controlled action under the EPBC Act. The controlling provisions are listed threatened species and communities (Sections 18 & 18A). The relevant matter of National Environmental Significance is Growling Grass Frog Litoria rainiformis. No other matters of national environmental significance are likely to be impacted. The proposed action will include clearance and development across the site, including the revegetation of the habitat corridor along the Stony Hill Creek and the creation of two Growling Grass Frog wetlands in the south-eastern corner of the development. The two Growling Grass Frog wetlands to be constructed are appropriate offsets in compensating for the residual significant impacts, as they are deemed to satisfy the principles of the department’s EPBC Act Environmental Offset Policy.

Interested person and organisations are invited to comment in writing on the Preliminary Documentation between the 4th October 2021 & 30th of October 2021. Correspondence to be sent to [email protected]

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Uncover a unique and rare opportunity to live within the much sought after location of Caroline Springs, 25km west of the Melbourne city centre.

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Buyer Update:

Dear Buyers

We understand that the recent market, whilst provided benefits to the purchasers, still implied that many construction sites could not undertake operations normally.

COVID-19 meant that contractors and builders would have to implement measures never undertaken before and limit the number of personnel on site.

We understand and appreciate your wait during this process and hope that you understand that we are all in this together.

That said, the Growling Frogs Estate still remains to be a rare find within Caroline Springs and as such we believe your wait has only increased the value of your investment.

Commencing in August, with additional changes- such as 3 frog ponds and a beautifully landscaped creek reserve, the Growling Frogs Estate will be delivered around mid-next year.

In our opinion, to resuscitate the economy, further financial incentives from the government can’t be ruled out.

We hope that you are checking with your solicitors or conveyancers for our correspondence for extension.

If your solicitor or conveyancer has changed, then please contact us to the earliest on [email protected] or 0420224613, quoting ‘the Growling Frogs Estate - your lot number ##’.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Development Team,
the Growling Frogs Estate

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